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Parcel #8460 - Sandy Beach Front Property Ambergris Bay (Ambergris Caye, Belize, BZ - 00000) Built

Sandy Beach Front

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  • Priced REDUCED!
  • Type: Lots and Land
  • Style: Single Story
  • Lot Type: Rectangular


Why do 73.2% of our clients start off with a beach front vacant land investment in Belize rather than buying a condo or home?

- Most of the times it's a better / safer investment. With land there are no HOA fees to worry about, no maintenance, no upkeep, no renters or occupancy rates to be concerned with.

- Beach front property is always in demand.

- It's an easy "first move". Buying real estate in a foreign country can be a little scary. Not as scary when you're buying an inexpensive raw piece of land compared with spending hundreds of thousands on a condo.

- It's a step towards their dreams. Frankly, most cannot afford a beach front home or condo right now. But they can afford the land. Buying land puts a huge step forward of achieving their dreams.

- It puts them in control. With land, they decide when and what to build. That might be 5 years, 10 years or more depending on their goals and personal timing. Control = freedom.

- Financing. Purchasing a home or condo for several hundred thousand dollars often requires a huge down payment and high monthly payments. Vacant lands deals are much easier and can allow for just about anyone, even those with a low budget to own island property.

The Deal - Pristine Beach Front Parcel #8460

This lot would be a good "first move" for someone who for all of the reasons above feels now is the right time to take a step towards their goals.

- Full ownership - fully titled.

- Lot size is 75' of beach front x 111' deep.

- Perfect size for a single family vacation or retirement home.

- Located on the pristine shores of Ambergris Bay

- Only 20 minutes by boat to San Pedro Town.

- No HOA fees.

- Property taxes are $150 US a year

- No time limits on when to have to build. And when the time does come you can build your own home, or chose to work with one of our qualified builders. House plans are available.

And....a very easy first investment.


- Price: $95,000 US
- Terms: $25,000 US down payment, monthly investment $614.30 (based on a 30 year mortgage, ballon payment in 5 years)


- 10% discount for full cash offer if closed by October 1st, 2017

FINANCING OR CASH DEALS - Closing costs $6,650 US (all inclusive including stamp tax, title transfer and recording fees)

Concluding Thoughts - Why Invest in Belize?

It's all about the exchange....

A lot of people have fear about money, and even bigger fears about spending money, but you need to understand that money is good.

It's just a tool that was created for exchange.

Other than that, there is no real value in money. You can't use it to stay warm, you can't eat it, you can only trade it for something else that you want.

Just think, everyone who exchanges money for something does it because they feel that what they are getting in exchange is greater than keeping the money or using it for something else.

At least that's what I expect when I buy something. I don't actually know for sure until I do buy it and try it out, and can see the results.

But my question for you is this: Would you exchange money for the excitement and future happiness that would come from owning beach front property in Belize?

If the answer is YES! Then email me right now so we can get started.

And if you have any fear that it might not be what you expected, or that you might have to change your mind in the future and go in a different problem.

I'm looking forward to working together.


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