Why San Pedro? Here's why.....

San Pedro, "Isla Bonita" (Beautiful Island) Belize - an exotic blend of Mayan, Caribbean, Mexican with a dash of Old Key West



- Isla Bonita - where white sand replaces replaces asphalt, low-rise thatched
resorts replace high-rise mega hotels, golf carts replace automobiles, bare feet
instead of shoes



- Isla Bonita - bright sun, warm beaches, exotic resorts, virginal jungles, the trendiest restaurants, the funkiest bars and cool Caribbean adventures

- Isla Bonita - separated from Mexico by the narrow Bacalar Chico Channel, dug by the ancient Mayans

- Isla Bonita - 25 miles in length, the beach is just a half mile from the largest reef in the West  

- Isla Bonita - deep sea diving, fishing, snorkelling, bird watching, water sports, shopping, or just relaxing in the sun and sand