We LOVE Good Food!

The next time your down this way make sure you get to sample the 2 places we found to get really good food for the cost of the loose change in your pockets. Let us know if you've tried these before and please share with us what else you've "discovered" on the island. Enjoy!
Neri's Taco Place - Originally from the town of Corozal, Neri's Taco Place is THE place for all the locals and tourists who are "in the know" to get there daily fix of the good stuff. For breakfast almost everyone gets the tacos - chicken everyday of the week - but also pork on Sundays. You order them by the dollar amount. Chicken tacos are 3 for $1 and pork tacos are 2 for $1. A typical order will sound something like this  "Dos con chili, para yabar" which means when translated "2 dollars worth of tacos with a little bit of hot sauce, to go". For the kids $2 is plenty, for the adults even the biggest eater should be filled up with $4-$5 worth. And yes, we are talking Belize dollars.
Neri's shuts down every afternoon but reopens at night. So on the way home everyone stops in for Salbutes, Ganaches and Tostadas all made fresh to order. Get yours with a bottle of sweet pineapple juice and you'll wonder if there's any reason to eat anyplace else.....that is until you pass the French Bakery just 50 feet to the south!

The French Bakery at Hacal Kiik - The island has it's own French baker whos' croissants, baguettes and even pizzas come hot from the oven each day. Sean fell in love with Belize, married a local girl and opened a bakery in San Ignacio in the Cayo District of Belize. Recently, he came to the island to share his passion for great breads with us...thank you Sean! In these pics Sean and his assistant Marcie offer us pastries, cheese filled croissants, french baguettes and sourdough olive loafs pulled fresh from the oven that morning. They are great first thing in the morning with coffee or even in the afternoon with some good cheese, fruit and a glass of French wine (or wine from California, Argentina, Spain...you get the picture!)
So, the next time you're on island make sure to visit these two must taste places. They are located just 1 1/2 blocks North/West of the Tropic Air terminal in down town San Pedro. Practice your Spanish for Neri's (Buenas dias!) and your French for the Bakery (Bonjour!) and get big smiles and great service. Just another reason to make San Pedro your home in the Caribbean.
Tropical Regards,
"Elite Sales Team"