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Secret Beach - Parcel #8532 4th Row Bay View Lot Ambergris Bay (Ambergris Caye, Belize, BZ - 00000) Built

Beach View Lot close to Secret Beach

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  • Secret Beach Access!
  • Type: Residential
  • Style: Single Story
  • Development Level: Built


Secret Beach Real Estate - Ambergris Caye, Belize

On the island of Ambergris Caye, there is this magical place called "Secret Beach". It's a place where locals and tourist alike come to swim, relax, party and get their groove on.

Since the opening up of the new road, many more people are discovering the crystal clear waters of Ambergris Bay and the gorgeous sunsets of the west coast. No longer a secret, it draws people by the hundreds each day.

Many come to visit for a day, end up falling in love and inquire about buying or investing in property in this area.

I have a few beach front and off-beach lots in this area. Some sellers want to cash out and move on to other investments. While others don't mind offering the right buyers some financing. Prices and financing terms vary from property to property.

What makes these properties so special?

For one, it allows you to get in the game with very little effort. Many people buy these lots because they can afford them. It's much easier to start off with a small piece of land and then build later then to go all in with a condo or home running hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Buy now and build later. This is what is recommended. And many people are following this advice.

Buying now ensures you have tied up your own slice of paradise. In a spot you love. On an island you love. And it means you'll be able to spend lots of quality time here in the future. Making memories. Being with family and loved ones. Maybe even living out your golden years on this little gem of an island in the Caribbean.

Worried about what to build when the time comes? No worries. We have that all covered. We have sample house plans to chose from. Or you can work with one of our builders who will easily bring into existence your dream home. Whether it's a modern style cutting edge home, or a cute little Belizean hardwood cabin.

Buying your own lot means you have options to sculpt your own dream.

The pictures in this listing give you an idea of what this area looks like. You can see that much of it is in it's raw native state. This is good news. It means that prices are the lowest they are going to be now. Once we have roads and other infrastructure prices will double and triple like that have in other areas.

You can also see that all of the lots look pretty much the same. This is also good news. One isn't necessarily better than the other. And you can leave it in this raw , native state until you're ready to build. No worries. No hassle.

For land prep, you'll notice that some of the lots have a lot of extra fill on them and some are a bit lower. As you can see, it's typical of lots in this area.

There are no perc tests that we do in Belize. All lots are buildable. Even those with bedrock at the surface. That surface bedrock is only so deep. And easy to bust through.

Your builder will handle your site work when you go to build. They will bring in a few loads of crushed limestone, level the lot and then build. Afterward they will plant fast growing palm trees and other bushes / flowers to quickly give the landscaping that tropical look.

What about utilities?

Phone and Internet: There area already cell phone towers on the north side of the island so your cell phones will work and also you can get wireless internet. BTL our local telephone company provides service in this area. Here is a link to their website.

For now, homes and resorts being built in this particular area are being built with alternative water and electric sources. The pictures of homes in and businesses in this listing have all been built off grid.

Water and Sewer: Residence living right in and around San Pedro Town have access to city water. But the majority of island does not.

Most of the island including all homes, condos and resorts north of the bridge use rain water cisterns or wells.

Most single family homes simple use a rain water catchment system that is built into the base or foundation of their homes or they use one of those black plastic holding tanks. We don't get a lot of rain on the island but we do get enough to keep a single family home in good fresh water year round.

You can also use a well and a small filtration system system.

For more information on some options check out this link:

For waste water you'll go with an engineered septic system. Your builder will size it depending on how many units are on the lot and the size of the families occupying them. A really good system to use for this area would be one of those hydro-action aerobic systems. Something like this:

Electric: The islands electric system continues to expand and to reach out to new areas. In the past few years the local electric company has expanded service going south of town almost to the southern tip of the island, north of town almost all the way to Rocky Point and now is making plans to take power to the west side of the island to service all of the lot owners in Secret Beach, Ambergris Bay, Grand Belizean Estates, Ambergris Woods and Palmaya Woods.

BEL's website:

In order to do that the east / west connection road needed to be completed. Now that it is finished the new polls can be set and the lines ran. The local electric company, Belize Electric Limited will be installing power in this area once there are enough homes built in the area to warrant it. It would be my best guesstimate that we'll see power reach some areas withing these subdivisions in the next year or so.

Building does not have to wait until city power is installed however. Homes, restaurants and boutique hotels such as the ones shown in this listing are being built using solar and wind for power.

For more info on off the grid electric systems see this link.

Like what you see so far, but have a few questions? Feel free to email me and ask away. Take the next step. And remember, no regrets. Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

Dennis Kay
Belize Islands Real Estate


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